Party Platters & On Site Shucking

tina-and-lovey-023Let us save your time and make your holiday event special.  We will work with you to create a party platter that works for your budget and your palate.   If you prefer to use your favorite platter simply drop it off and we’ll take care of the rest.

Please see below for some of our more popular platters.  If you don’t see something that will work for you call us and we’ll customize a platter based on your needs and party size.

Prices may vary depending on party size…



Shrimp Cocktail Platter $34.95 (2 lbs of 26/30 count shrimp)

Shrimp Cocktail Platter $44.95 (2lbs of 16/20 count shrimp)

Smoked Salmon Platter $59.95 (2 lbs premium smoked salmon; mini rye; capers; onions; lemons & mustard sauce – serves up to 10 people)

Poached Salmon $17.99/lb (we poach our salmon with a blend of herbs, onions, celery and wine and serve it with our homemade yogurt dill sauce)

Smoked Salmon Pate $19.95 (includes 8 ozs. pate, vegetables & crackers)

Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms $22.95 (2 dozen mushrooms stuffed with our homemade seafood stuffing which includes crabmeat, clams, scallops, shrimp & white fish)

Miniature Jalepeno Crab Bites $10.99/dozen..our own recipe with lump crab meat, cream cheese, jalapenos, cilantro, scallion and bread crumbs fried till  golden brown.

Miniature Shrimp Arancini $19.99/dozen…our homemade risotto stuffed with shrimp, crushed hot peppers and asiago cheese fried till golden brown.

Clams Casino $1.75/ea or $19.95/dzn (local clams stuffed and topped with chorizo)

Oysters Rockefeller $2.50/ea or $28.95/dzn (local oysters baked with our homemade topping)

Baked Stuffed Lobsters … we make ‘em and you bake ‘em – lobsters stuffed with our homemade seafood stuffing – a ritz cracker base full of  crabmeat, scallops, shrimp, cod and clams.

1-1/4 lb $22.99

1-1/2 lb $27.99

1 3/4 lb -$29.99

2 lb $34.99

We also offer Jonah crab claws, Alaskan king and snow crab legs…

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On Site Shucking


Really wow your guests with a raw bar at your party.    Our shellfish includes a selection of local oysters and clams, west coast oysters and crab legs.

We bring the shellfish and the shuckers so that you feel like a guest at your own party.

Prices and fees vary depending on the market and your party size.   Call or stop in to discuss your particular party needs…no party is too small or too big for this special feature.

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Did you know…..


… we give free oyster shucking lessons every Saturday between 1pm and 3pm.  Our lessons have been featured on Chronicle and as a cheap creative date and was recently videotaped as part of Courtney Holland’s Next Stop:  T-Stop Fun series on Next Stop:  Haymarket.

No need to make reservations; just come any Saturday between 1pm and 3pm to learn a knew skill and eat a few oysters.  The lesson is free, you just pay for what you shuck.

We can accommodate groups of up to five people in our market.  We’re also available for private parties.  Please contact us at [email protected] to make arrangements for your party or work event.

What kind of oyster eater are you?  Click here to find out.

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Other Products

MdM offers many products to compliment our fresh seafood.  We offer escargot, smoked salmon, smoked bluefish, various marinades and spice rubs, pates, our homemade seafood stuffing and more .  We are always looking for new products to expand our selection for our customers.  If there is a product that you don’t see and think would be a great addition please let us know.

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d’Oni Specialty Sauces & Lean on Me, Naturally

We are really excited about this new product.  d‘Oni Specialty Sauces and their new product, Lean on me, Naturally are all natural, healthy and delicious complements to seafood, poultry, beef & veggies.

Lean on Me, Naturally™ provides gourmet & specialty products to inspire great meals and put your family first. The best part, aside from the great taste, is we do it all naturally. Our products are all-natural & preservative-free and healthy-lifestyle & weight management friendly.

Fat Free, Low Fat, Low Calorie, Low Sugar, Lower Sodium & Gluten Free Marinades & Sauces, Salad Dressings and Condiments with a focus on gourmet flavor, naturally.

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Ahuacatlan Avocado Oil

We are now carrying avocado oil.  Why?  Because it’s got the highest smoking point of all oils so it is perfect for searing fish and shellfish.  As an added bonus avocado oil is a healthy choice….it’s rich in antioxidants and Omega 3’s, monounsaturated fats (the good ones), vitamins and minerals A, E, D & Potassium and beta-sitosterol.

This oil is also great for salads, marinades and bread dipping.  It has a light, delicate flavor and a velvet, buttery texture.

For more information on this product check out and

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Norman Bishop Epicurean Sauces & Mustards

Stop in and check out our new sauces and mustards from Norman Bishop, Epicurean.

Made with fresh dill and garlic… brings back that old fashioned dill flavor. Superb with fish, potato salads, deviled eggs, as a dip for your favorite veggies, or shrimp.

The savory sweetness of the islands comes to your home! This smooth, slightly sweet sauce is ideal for chicken, meats and seafoods. For a delicious difference, try it on grilled steak or roast. Wonderful on, or mixed-into, ground beef. Dip or baste shrimp and seafood.

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Flavored Panko Crumbs & Seafood Seasonings

We are now carrying 13 oz re-sealable bags of flavored and plain panko.  The current selection includes lemon pepper and chipotle style.  Panko is a Japanese breadcrumb made popular by it’s light, crunchy texture.  Using panko in place of traditional breadcrumbs enhances any dish including seafood, poultry and vegetables.

We also carry a selection of spices chosen specifically to enhance seafood dishes but versatile enough to use for any recipe.  We currently carry chipotle powder, lemon pepper, cajun seasoning, herbs de provence and norwegian salmon rub.

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Elena’s Mediterranean Seafood Stew

We’re very excited about this new product, a seafood steaming broth winner of the 2009  Gold sofi award for Outstanding Soup.  All you do is bring the steaming broth to a boil and add your favorite seafood like cod, shrimp, scallops, clams, etc. and serve with some crusty bread.

We’re also carrying Elena’s handmade pasta…lemon pepper angel hair and tomato basil fettucine.

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kelchnersWe’re fussy about cocktail and tartar sauce so it took us a while to find a product that we liked.  Kelchner’s is it!  The cocktail sauce has a nice kick to it and becuase it contains all natural ingredients doesn’t have that sweet, chemical flavor found in other brands.  The tartar sauce and horseradish are equally delicious.

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